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Individual Legacy

Let’s take a walk down memory lane! Share stories about your ancestry, childhood, parents, siblings, school years and young adult life, your career path, hobbies, meeting your spouse or life partner, parenting and family, retirement, and golden years. 

  • Pre-Interview Zoom call to meet and discuss details for the day of the shoot 

  • Up to 4 hours of onsite shooting

    • 1-hour setup of cameras, sound, and lighting equipment

    • 2-hour interview and b-roll filming

    • 1-hour teardown

  • In-person or virtual interviews 

  • Up to 30 photos and/or home video clips

  • Filming of you in your home, with pets or family members

  • Filming of special photos, heirlooms, and places in your home

  • Up to a 15-minute edited legacy video, incorporating music, photos, b-roll, home videos, and custom graphics 

  • Digital delivery of edited story


4-hour shoot

Up to a 15-minute
Legacy Video


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