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About Kerry

I have a passion for storytelling. From two decades as a sports broadcaster, covering games and telling stories from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, to my more recent role co-hosting the history show Through the Decades, uncovering the story behind the story is what motivates me. Now, I’m excited to help tell YOUR story.


A series of personal experiences inspired the creation of Forever Yours Legacy Videos. In 2019, I befriended the mother of a student in my son’s class and watched in awe as she bravely battled stage 4 colon cancer. After many rounds of chemo and several clinical trials failed, I proposed the idea of filming her so she could record a love letter, so to speak, for her young daughter and husband. Sadly, it never came to fruition, as she ended up with a long hospital stay and shortly thereafter lost her battle. 


When she passed away, I was firmly entrenched in the production of a pandemic-themed video series for Women’s History Month, and the common thread running through many stories was loss - loss of career, identity, time with friends and family, and loss of loved ones. And it wasn’t just family members that were lost - it was stories about them that some heard for the first time at their funeral. To me, that was one of the biggest losses of all. Little did I know that I, too, would soon experience a similar loss.


In 2022, the seeds for this business had been planted, and I was eager to start building it from the ground up. Then in March, my 84-year-old father fell off a ladder and suffered a traumatic brain injury, permanently robbing him of his ability to speak. I missed my chance to record his history and hear his stories in the way only he can tell them. 


These missed opportunities are my why. If there’s anything the pandemic helped reinforce, it’s that time with friends and family is precious. So are their stories. My goal is to help you preserve, record, and celebrate them before old age, illness, or tragedy robs you or a loved one of the opportunity to share treasured memories.

While there are other personal biography services on the market, our method doesn’t require you to answer weekly email questions or do anything that might feel like homework. It’s a half day spent in the comfort of your own home or place of business, sharing your history, values, and traditions with me while we capture your emotions in a way that written words cannot. 


I look forward to working with you to create a meaningful gift that can be Forever Yours. 



Sayers Headshot NEW.jpg
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