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Family Tree Legacy

This package takes a deep dive into your family history and is designed to bring generations of your family together to tell their stories. Explore your ancestry, stories of immigration, and relive the timeframe from childhood to present day. Each family member will be interviewed separately, and any couples will also be interviewed together. We’ll weave your stories together, using family tree graphics to illustrate family connections. 

  • Pre-Interview Zoom call to meet and discuss details for the day of the shoot

  • Up to a full 8-hour onsite shoot for all family members

    • 1-hour setup of cameras, sound, and lighting equipment

    • Up to 5.5 hours of interviews and b-roll filming

    • 30-minute break

    • 1-hour teardown


  • Two separate 4-hour onsite shoot days 

    • 1-hour set up of cameras, sound, and lighting equipment

    • 2+ hours of interviews and b-roll filming

    • 1-hour teardown

  • In-person or virtual interviews 

  • Up to 50 photos and/or home video clips

  • Filming of all family members, both separately and together, if possible. 

  • Filming of any special photos, heirlooms, places in your home 

  • Up to a 30-minute edited legacy video, incorporating music, photos, b-roll, home videos, and custom graphics

  • Digital delivery of edited videos

  • Includes filming of up to 4 family members. Additional family members $500/each


8-hour shoot

Up to a 30-minute
Legacy Video

Example Coming Soon

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